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AI in Your Analytics Tool

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AI is fascinating, but most organizations don’t have the magnitude of data or the skills to effectively leverage it. Watching Qlik’s Qonnections 2018 keynote yesterday opened my eyes to a new application of ai. Qlik claimed that Qonnections was the largest data analytics conference in the world. Not sure about that one, but their existing 45,000 customers is hard to argue. Their CEO make some interesting claims, that 10 of the 10 largest pharma companies […]

Next-Gen Business Intelligence for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Analytics & AI / Tools of the Trade

Amazon’s webinar today highlighted several ways that Big Data is being used in the HCLS industry. One of the key insights was the self-realization within one of the featured medical practices that they were “data rich, insight poor.” Having tremendous amounts of data isn’t much value to anyone without the appropriate tools and skills to visualize, interact and explore the data, which of course needs to be coupled with people who are empowered to act […]

AI & Deep Learning Conference | GTC 2018

Analytics & AI / Tools of the Trade

I’m headed out to this conference in March. Will be great to revisit my old stomping ground. It would take about an hour but I used to walk to the convention center. But the important part—hearing about the latest innovations in AI, Analytics and Cryptocurrency and meeting industry influencers. From the conference web page… The world’s biggest and most important GPU developer conference. Learn how to harness the latest GPU technology. Enjoy face-to-face interactions with […]

Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp

Tools of the Trade

Started some online work with datacamp this week. The first software I developed was in FORTRAN. Can you believe it? My professor told me to a Mechanical Engineer all software is FORTRAN. I moved to C. Those professors didn’t know what they were missing. c++ quickly became my happy place. And, from my perspective, most modern languages derive so much from that early work. I can program PHP with my eyes closed. Try it and […]