Macs vs. Anything Else

MacBook Pro

I’m religious, but not about computers. I think they are tools—things to be used to accomplish other things. They can be used for entertainment, for development, for business, for communication. Definitely for streaming music. They can be used by the Russians to direct public opinion.

But they are just tools—things to allow us to accomplish greater things, not do greater things for us.

I’m sitting in my downtown coworking space. There are nine people here right now. Eight are using Macs. I’m using a Dell. Am I an outsider, or is there a new freelancer religion that I failed to grasp?

The irony that people attempting to identify with a fringe movement often end up looking the same has never escaped me.

p.s. I do prefer Bash. Perhaps that’s reason enough to change.

AI & Deep Learning Conference | GTC 2018

I’m headed out to this conference in March. Will be great to revisit my old stomping ground. It would take about an hour but I used to walk to the convention center.

But the important part—hearing about the latest innovations in AI, Analytics and Cryptocurrency and meeting industry influencers.

From the conference web page…

The world’s biggest and most important GPU developer conference. Learn how to harness the latest GPU technology. Enjoy face-to-face interactions with industry luminaries and NVIDIA experts.

Source: AI & Deep Learning Conference | GTC 2018 | NVIDIA

Learning From The Best

Very excited to be attending this conference in February!

From the conference web page…
Learn practical frameworks and systematic processes for addressing complex, real-world problems and how to facilitate effective action. This intensive hands-on course is developed by the largest organization of analytics professionals, INFORMS.

Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp

Started some online work with datacamp this week. The first software I developed was in FORTRAN. Can you believe it? My professor told me to a Mechanical Engineer all software is FORTRAN. I moved to C. Those professors didn’t know what they were missing. c++ quickly became my happy place. And, from my perspective, most modern languages derive so much from that early work.

I can program PHP with my eyes closed. Try it and you’ll see just how tricky that is. Matlab and Mathematica were used frequently in grad school—but it’s been a while. Python seems to be the language of choice for quick data set investigation and integration with AI tools.

Python list comprehensions are cool! That’s one slick line of code to adjust an entire dataset.

phrase = 'List comprehensions are more interesting with numbers'.split()
result = [[w.lower(), len(w)] for w in phrase]

Let the journey begin!

From the DataCamp website…

Learn Data Science from the comfort of your browser, at your own pace with DataCamp’s video tutorials & coding challenges on R, Python, Statistics & more.

Source: Learn R, Python & Data Science Online | DataCamp