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The Number One Rule in Day Trading


Day Trading 101 is a great introduction into the world of financial trading. Trading requires a different mindset—one of getting in and getting out at the right times instead of holding until fundamentals change. Since the goal is so different than investing the rules are different. The book makes it very clear that the number one rule in trading is capital preservation. The book is designed for people without any investing knowledge but is certainly […]

An Attempt to Short Bitcoin

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It makes me cringe when I hear people talk about investing in cryptocurrency. I have been successfully investing for 25+ years. This involves understanding fundamentals, having a general awareness of the economy while committing to a lot of safe principles like asset allocation, dollar cost averaging, long term perspectives and, most importantly, a disciplined selling strategy. In short, I am an investor, not a trader. I view cryptocurrencies as a massive social experiment with the […]