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If every employee hits their goals, will your organization execute its strategy?


“If every employee hits their goals, will your organization execute its strategy?” That was the key question in today’s webinar by Donald Sull from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. It’s an incredible insight, as collectively we’ve all embraced goal-setting in the 100 years or so since General Motors popularized the idea. But does it work? Is there enough transparency corporately to ensure that each contributors goals are in line with the overall strategy, and that […]

Exchange Networks, Not Markets

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Why is the real world made up of exchange networks rather than markets? In a word: trust. Relationships in an exchange network quickly become stable (we go back again and again to the person who gives us the best deal), and with stability comes trust, i.e., the expectation of a continued valuable relationship. This is different than in a typical market, where a buyer may deal with a different seller every day as prices fluctuate. […]

Day Two of Essential Practice Skills for High-Impact Analytics Projects

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The seminar was an intensive on Structured Problem Solving, which I think is a term created by professor Patrick Noonan. A book may be in the works. I certainly hope so as there was tremendous wisdom and experience packed into these two days. Referring to the slide deck will help, but not the same way a comprehensive book would. So what is Structured Problem Solving? It is a way to identify the real issue and […]

The E-Myth Revisited


The E-Myth Revisited has changed my perspective on owning and growing a small business. There are parts of the book that are an obvious advertisement for Michael’s consulting business, but who can blame him for that? He’s on to something. Thinking of myself in terms of the Technician, the Entrepreneur, and the Manager has been insightful. I started Blue Ridge Solutions as a reluctant entrepreneur. There was an immediate need to supplement my cash flow […]

Remembering Web Browser Intelligence


I was feeling nostalgic today so I looked up this co-authored old paper (1997) about personalizing the web. It was such a new field then. I’ve always been proud of the fact that I wrote the first version. Remember when the internet was slow? Advertisers were upset because we could model the relative response times of destination sites using an exponential distribution and place predictive green, yellow and red blocks next to each link. True, it destroyed […]

Macs vs. Anything Else

MacBook Pro

I’m religious, but not about computers. I think they are tools—things to be used to accomplish other things. They can be used for entertainment, for development, for business, for communication. Definitely for streaming music. They can be used by the Russians to direct public opinion. But they are just tools—things to allow us to accomplish greater things, not do greater things for us. I’m sitting in my downtown coworking space. There are nine people here […]